As a Jackdaw, I visit the nest as often as I can.Every visit I make Iam sad to report, I find something about the old Malmesbury that has been changed,not to the good by a long chaulk and not it seems with any discussion, to the locals,new and old.Parking is a disaster, cars parked all day by people working in Malmesbury.preventing visitors from shopping.
Unfortunatley, unknown to the visitors there are NO PUBLIC TOILETS…can you believe that!!. The only toilet you can use is in the town hall. BUT after 5pm its closed. Malmesbury has a proper functional toilet but it’s been closed WHY? No one seems to know rumour is that it was used as drug den?. Isnt this a Police matter! not a council matter.
Is the council interferring too much in the History and well being of Malmesbury? Take the name plates of various locations, as an example.
Tuppenytube.. know where that is? its a lane which connects the high street to Kings Walk. Tuppenytube was named after the price TUPENNCE from the first tube train in London…Tuppenytube has been renamed as..King Walk. By who? and why?..Know where THE GANT is? its a lane which connects high street to the cross hayes.Renamed Griffen Alley.. By who? and why?..Whilst we are on the subject of history. Whats happened to all the portraits of the past Mayors of out town.Who? has taken them down and where are they?..Speed bumps really. What about more ZEBRA crossings.. Where to put them..On the corner opposite the Rose and Crown, this will slow traffic from both directions.
The Triangle its a night mare anyway and needs a complete rethink,but it will be safer with a ZEBRA Crossing..Toilets, as an after thought what about the Cross Hayes.. In full view of people re: the parking..and most helpful for visitors, who may stay long enough to spend money..

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