Health Trainer Top Tip for December 2017

Health Trainer Top Tip for December 2017

Whether it is Christmas time, a Birthday or some other celebratory event, food and drink often feature strongly. It is easy to blow excessive calories on just one day. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, the average person consumes a whopping 6,000 calories on Christmas day! What strategies can you use to limit this while still enjoying yourself?


We often think of alcoholic drinks in terms of the number of units they contain but just as important are the number of calories. The calories consumed at a celebratory event can amount to an extra meal or more. Here are some tips:

  • A spirit measure plus low calorie mixer will contain around 50 calories, way less than most other alcoholic drinks.
  • Sparkling water with lemon or lime can make a good no-calorie in between drink still with a bit of fizz.
  • Drinks that taste sweet will generally have more calories and drinks which have cream in them will be still higher.
  • Use smaller glasses to reduce how much you are drinking. As with plates, glass sizes have increased over the years – look for some smaller glasses and you will automatically reduce how much you are drinking.

At special events, we often consume foods that are high in fat and/or sugar. By making some sensible swaps or choices, you can reduce your calorie intake significantly:

  • Avoid or limit foods with pastry or opt for choices that use filo pastry (very thin).
  • Eat fruit cake without the marzipan and icing or cut some of it off.
  • Mulled wine is nice and warming but contains a lot of sugar. If you are making it yourself, experiment with less sugar or try using sweetener instead.
  • Watch those roast potatoes. If there are new potato options go for them or mix and match.
  • Have a bit of what you fancy but use sensible portion control.


If you would like support in becoming more physically active, improving your diet, stopping or reducing smoking and reducing your alcohol intake then why book an appointment with a Health Trainer? Looking at these behaviours and changing them can support you with self-confidence and motivation. Call 0300 003 4566 or email to find out more or book a free session.






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